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Strong to the Finish: Across Mongolia

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Support Strong to The Finish and the Across Mongolia Expedition. Brain Farm Cinema will be producing a documentary once the expedition is complete. Help be. and BF shed some light on the extreme child poverty in Mongolia.

Strong to the Finish is a proposed feature documentary following one man’s heroic test of physical and emotional endurance as he runs 1,500 miles across Mongolia to raise money and awareness for the country’s young orphans.

This Kickstarter campaign will help fund the production and distribution of Strong to the Finish. We want to show this visual story of one man’s complex struggle to redefine how individuals can make a difference in the world. A character-driven film, Strong to the Finish juxtaposes Brian’s idealistic family life, both at home and as they join him on the expedition, against the harsh reality of life on the street in Mongolia. What happens during this ten-week expedition across Mongolia will be nothing short of life changing for Brian, his family, the street orphans, and everyone else touched by his inspiring journey. Help us tell the rest of their story! The production & distribution of this film will help to continue the efforts initiated by Brian in supporting the orphaned children of Mongolia and around the world.

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