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Hispañola Health Partners is a Summit County based Non Profit committed to improving health care services in the Dominican Republic and Haiti. Businesses all over Summit County have contributed to food programs, sports camps and medical operatives that have impacted thousands of lives.

Hispañola Health Partners was started by a group of Americans with the passion to help people. This passion brought all of the founders to the Island of Hispañola (Dominican Republic/Haiti) in one way or another. Some of them were working in clinics and performing cervical cancer screenings, others were running full time medical clinics and K-8 schools, while others were creating sports camps and providing yoga therapy to beaten women. Once they discovered the village of Marre-Joffrey, Haiti and saw how poor the medical care was in the area, they knew they needed to do something. They met with local community groups, Haitian government officials, local doctors, nurses, community leaders and non-profits to see if a clinic in Marre-Joffrey would be feasible. Once they found out that such an endeavor in the area could be made into a reality, they came back to the States and created Hispañola Health Partners, with a simple motto: Love People!


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