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Strategic Marketing Services
It’s great to be creative, but if the resulting effort doesn’t align with your goals or speak to your target audience, it’s wasted. We are strategic in all of our work, but we also offer focused strategy sessions and services. From facilitating roundtable brainstorming to delivering Recommendations, Matrices, and Plans, we provide experience-based strategy in a way that is valuable, informative, and fun.

We offer 1-hour, 2-hour, or half-day Strategy Sessions (depending on topic(s) and number of participants) geared toward your particular need(s). We meet in person, at your office, and ask targeted questions designed to encourage honest discussion and creative brainstorming about audiences, goals, past and current efforts (successes and failures), and budget. Based on the Strategy Session, we create an informative, easy-to-read report with clear, specific findings and recommendations.

Website Design Services
Our top-skill site designs align with your company’s marketing strategy to form the basis for a successful web presence. Using intuitive navigation and clear messaging, we create an engaging aesthetic experience that provides your company with a strong, relevant online presence. Our web services are divided into two core offerings, full website design & development and what we call a website “refresh.”

Website Design & Development
We go through a discovery phase with you to determine your goals, audience, and needed elements for your site. We then create a site map that outlines the structure of the site and up to three design concepts for home and child pages. We provide content generation/editing/review and we determine the best fonts and colors to create an overall look that will strengthen your brand. Your entire site will be created so that it looks updated, is both engaging and highly functional, and has great SEO (search engine optimization.)

Website Refresh
If your website is only a couple of years old, perhaps a “refresh” will give it a few more years of life. We’ll start with a site audit to identify priorities, then work on individual components. While it does not entail a new design or site structure, a refresh might include content editing/rewriting, new fonts or graphic elements, or the addition, subtraction, or combination of individual pages.

Visual Media and Production: Photography and Video
Be. provides a full range of video services, including scripting, storyboarding, on-location filming, green-screen filming, and animation – that result in professional-looking marketing videos that tell a compelling story and enhance your brand. We bring expertise in storytelling, writing, and graphic design along with professional audio and soundtrack services, and access to voice-over talent, to give your video the final polish that until now has only been available through high-end video production studios. We produce single, centerpiece videos as well as branded video campaigns.

Check out our demo reel as well as some finished pieces from our playlist below:

Event Marketing Services
be. provides full event services for product launches, open houses, milestone celebrations, and client appreciation events. Our event marketing and management expertise ensures that your event is not only memorable, but successful as a marketing and branding opportunity. We start with an Event Strategy Session to identify goals, target audiences, and take-away messages and we stay on board to help you with theming, invitation design and distribution, vendor selection and coordination, and onsite event work – even post-event services including follow-up notes and social media coverage.

Branding Services
be. provides all aspects of branding, including logo work, graphic standards definition, key messaging, and collateral branding audits/alignments. We can create full Brand Articulation Guides that encompass everything from the elevator speech to printed page margins, and we also help clients strategically launch and promote their new or revised brands.

Graphic Design
Compelling visuals are key to a company’s survival in today’s crowded marketplace. In a world with “no second chances for first impressions,” you have only a moment to capture your audience’s attention and make them receptive to your message. be. can help, using our full suite of creative services to strategically craft everything from a logo to a proposal to a billboard with the look and feel that will most effectively communicate your identity and connect with clients. Below are two common ways we work with clients to create a logo that stands out:

  • Logo Redesign
    Even a brand with a loyal following may need an update. To avoid losing brand recognition, we incorporate aspects of continuity in the redesigned logo. Here, the logo’s signature elements remain where they were, but a more contemporary style and color palette is applied.
  • Logo Refresh
    Sometimes, all a logo needs is a color exploration or an addition of supporting graphics to breathe new life into it. This example illustrates our process of exploring and honing until the desired effect – a livelier iteration of the existing mark – is achieved.

Publicity & Media Relations Services
be. provides full-service PR and publicity, from the creation of talking points to press release writing, distribution, and follow-ups; from interview coordination and coaching to ongoing media relations. Additionally, we can create full media kits, online media rooms, and even B-Roll. (We have in-house video capabilities.) We achieve excellent print and broadcast placements for clients based on two major things: strong media relationships and targeted and timely communications. be. understands how to present your story in its most interesting light – which, along with our reputation for integrity, accuracy, and responsiveness, keeps us on friendly, first-name terms with writers, reporters, editors, producers, and bloggers.